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How to find success in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is proven to be a captivating choice of many newbie online entrepreneurs. But this initial inclination towards affiliate marketing degenerates pretty soon after people get down to work. I don’t say that this happens with all. There are many affiliate marketers who have consistently worked towards becoming a super affiliate marketer. But yes, this happens to about 90% of them. ‘How to find success in affiliate marketing’ is one question many ‘about to quit’ affiliate marketers ponder upon.

I have clubbed few tactics or laws of affiliate marketing that I noticed to have been used by some super affiliate marketers. Here they are:

Address to needs:

Choose products to affiliate which in one way or the other answer to people’s concerns. Only products that are of use and value will be bought extensively. So while choosing a product to market, ensure that the product caters to some kind of need.

Get seasonal:

Try taking due advantage of the seasonal buyers. Like in India, people believe in buying electronics during the festive season of Diwali. Worldwide, there is wide demand of online gifts/ gift vouchers during the X-mas season. Tune your promotion as per the demands of the season. You obviously can’t pitch a retirement plan when you know that the whole country is in a recession phase.

Compare the rivals:

You might think that on comparing your product with its competition may lead to losing your business. Try looking at it this way – On comparing two or more alternatives, you are willingly showing the pros and cons of the product you are advising them to buy. You are establishing yourself as a fairly transparent advisor. Also, in case the reader opts to go for the other product, you can still earn if the other product is also affiliated by you. Both the ways, you win.

Choose trustworthy products:

You should opt to affiliate products that you feel are trustworthy. Don’t sell something just because it gets you more commission. Put yourself in the end users place and see if the product is truly what you claim it to be. Check for parameters such the quality of the product, its life, guarantee/warrantee it come with, post sales customer service, help with troubleshooting, etc.

Try the product:

Make sure you try the product first hand before you suggest it to others. Else sell a product blindly by just looking at the high commission, only to learn later that the product is not upto standard and you lost your hard earned credibility with your leads.

Use multiple channels:

You cannot confine yourself to just your blog/website to promote the affiliate products and then expect people to come to you to buy stuff. You and your products need to be omnipresent. Deploy all channels of promotion like Youtube, Social networks, Adwards credits, Facebook Ad credits, tweets, blog, newsletter etc.

While these are some vital points you need to keep in mind to find success in affiliate marketing, the paramount aspect is that you need to be trustworthy yourself. Do not deceive anyone to buy anything by making false claims. Such tactics may fetch you some cash initially, but will surely sweep you of the ground in the long run.

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