How to Download YouTube Videos Using YoutubNow

When it comes to  music everyone has their own preferred streaming service that they use all the time. Now this is all well and good until you have an active internet connection to stream all the music but as soon as that goes, so does your music. Unless you pay for a premium subscription and download all your songs in advance. But what if you don’t have a premium subscription? What if you can’t afford one? Or what if you simply don’t want one? Then what do you do?

What do you do when you have no internet to stream your music? Where do you download tracks from? Which website will give you the least hassle when wanting to do something like we just described? The answer, believe it or not has been staring you in the face all along. Heard of YouTube? Of course you have. Now we’ve got you wondering how on earth does one download songs from YouTube.

Well we wouldn’t bring out a question to you if we didn’t already know the answer. And the answer is a simple thing called a Youtube Downloader. And we’ve found one of the best ones available on the market today. An online service called YouTubNow.

YouTubNow is a website or better put, an online service that allows users to download videos directly onto their PC or mobile from YouTube. These downloaded videos can be in an mp4 or mp3 format and you have full freedom to use them in whichever way shape or form you see possible once done. Also did we mention that this service is absolutely free?

Seems brilliant doesn’t it? Wait till we get into all the features of this application.

Features of YouTubNow

Unlimited downloads: YouTubNow puts absolutely no restrictions on the amount of videos you can download onto your device. Other services have been known to slyly put in a paywall behind which they hide all the “premium” features but not YouTubNow, everything they advertise is available to you from the get go and you can optimise it to get the best use out of it.

Download both audio and video files

YouTubNow allows users to download in both video and audio format. Although there is not a huge array of options available in formats (mp4 and 3gp for video and mp3 for audio) just having the option of being able to download files in different formats is pretty amazing in our opinion. Using this users can easily download songs from the music videos that are uploaded on YouTube and then keep them on their device for offline viewing or listening.

Make use of a truly brilliant search bar

The way to downloading YouTube videos off YouTube while using YouTubNow is by pasting the link of the video you wish to download onto the website. This leads you directly to the download page for the video.

You can alternatively try searching for the video while using a search bar the is available on the website. This search bar gives users the capability of searching for YouTube videos directly from the YouTubNow website and downloading it there and then. This saves a lot of time and effort for users and makes the entire process really easy to replicate.


YouTubNow allows users to easily download videos from YouTube in the video or audio formats and save them on their device for viewing later. This helps users escape from endless buffering and also helps them save themselves from having to buy a premium subscription to a streaming service. We would definitely recommend this service to everyone as it does everything that is advertised and expected of it and more. Do check this one out!

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