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Confirmation of iPhone 7 Release date March 15

International brand, Apple products usage is increasing tremendously now-a-days. Mainly in India many people are fascinated to Apple products and going crazy in using them as they are best for its features. According to 2015 updates Apple crossed over 1.7 billion dollar mark in one year specially in India. Apple released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus launched in September, 2015. This is great news to Apple users as it announced about its upcoming iPhone 7. There are some issues products like security problems as it will not accept all kind of soft wares. To solve this problem Apple recently collaborated with IBM and planned to overcome this issue in iPhone 7. March 15, 2016 was confirmed as release date of iPhone 7 and its price was not yet decided. Along with this recently Apple announced that is going to lunch both Online and Offline Retail stores in India in collaboration with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

iPhone 7

When compared to its old Apple devices iPhone 7 was designed with most updated technologies. One more important issue is its old charging technology and this charging technology is new in iPhone7. Most of reputed mobile devices are coming with most updated technologies like wireless charging. Apple is also planning to change their charging technology in iPhone 7. Apple is showing more interest expanding their company in India and for the first time Apple started media publicity as they found that the sales are increasing more than double than before. Apple is working hard to overcome its technical issues and trying to stand top in world’s market with its new iPhone 7. Actually this was planned earlier but got postponed due to some technical issues. After collaborating with IBM, Apple is expecting more results and more success than before.

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