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Best Place to Host Your Website in India-MilesWeb

Hosting a website in India is much more difficult than it is in the west, and for good many reasons. There are many web hosting providers, but many are unreliable (much more than their US counterparts). Customer support is the biggest concern, whether in terms of quality, response or the location of the support team.

It is often the case that clients have to move from one hosting solution provider to another. And this means waste of time, money, and a lot of efforts.

But that has changed dramatically since the entrance of a key player in this market – MilesWeb!

Offering complete set of web hosting solutions, for any sized business or operation, and in any niche, the solutions are not just affordable, they are meaningful too! Customer support solution is available in a true 24x7x365 role and there’s a genuine toll-free number for Indian clients.

There are many more reasons why MilesWeb changes the dynamics for the Indian client!

Types of Web Hosting Solutions

As already mentioned, the number and types of web hosting solutions provided by MilesWeb cover all aspects of the industry. To start with, they offer free SSL certificate.

Reseller Hosting

Available in both Linux and Windows, MilesWeb offers reseller hosting solutions for different types of clients, with packages starting from Rs. 520/mo.

Free migrations, custom branding, and white label reselling are some of the main highlights of MilesWeb’s reseller hosting solutions.

Economy Web Hosting Solutions

However, small businesses and starters with minimal needs can start with the company’s smallest package starting at just Rs. 109/mo. The smallest plan offers 2GB RAM and 1GB SSD space with cPanel and Softaculous. But the package offers unlimited SSD space with 4GB RAM for a tiny upgrade.

VPS Hosting

Advanced users and organizations with IT teams with more expertise can take advantage of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting solutions which are quite affordable. The Un-Managed Open VZ plan starts at Rs. 455/mo and the Managed OpenVZ plan for Rs. 1040/mo.

Dedicated Server


Webmasters and organizations with high-end web and application needs will find MilesWeb’s dedicated packages to be value-for-money solutions. With packages start from Rs. 8,499/mo, 1TB bandwidth, 500GB HDD, quad-core CPU, and 4GB RAM, there’s more than enough features available to address heavy-duty needs. Clients can choose server locations in India, the United States, and the UK.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

A very fast growing hosting environment, cloud hosting is fast catching up with both small and large enterprises. MilesWeb offers different cloud hosting packages to address the needs of different types and sizes of clients. The plans start with 40GB SSD space with 1GB RAM, and 1TB data transfer to 240GB SSD space, 8 GB RAM and 8TB data transfer.

There are many reasons for choosing MilesWeb’s cloud hosting solutions:

  • High Efficiency & Performance – The unique SSD-based RAID-10 storage solutions and multiple processors ensure optimal speed, efficiency and performance.
  • Easy Scalability – The hosting company’s cloud solutions can be scaled as and when needed. As your business and hosting needs grow, so can the available cloud resources.
  • Full Root Access – Install applications or do more with access to the root.
  • Highly Reliable – If there is a node failure on the server, standby node is initiated to ensure that your systems don’t get affected.

Other hosting services from MilesWeb include:

Besides, you can host for all the applications used in different industries including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, MediaWiki, phpBB, eLearning System, and Tomcat Java among others.

Reasons for Choosing MilesWeb

There are so many reasons why MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting providers for Indian clients.

  • Free SSL – Free SSL and domain transfer is available for one domain (with biennial or annual payment option).
  • Reliable & High-Quality Database Infrastructure & Support – Your website’s load speeds will not have to suffer because MilesWeb offers the finest database infrastructure and support with state of the art datacenter.
  • Migration Help – Migration is one of the most complex parts of hosting. But with MilesWeb’s migration expertise, your migration from current hosting will be seamless, time-saving and without any data loss.
  • Easy to Use Tools – Complete range of tools are available to make it easy to build and manage your site – single-click Softaculous, Plesk, and cPanel.
  • 99.95% Uptime –Clients with mission-critical applications, including ecommerce hosting needs, will find MilesWeb’s 99.95% uptime and high-speed Intel-powered Dell servers offering highly reliable website performance.

Customer Support

MilesWeb also beats the Indian industry standard when it comes to customer support quality and accessibility. Their customer support team is available 24x7x365 to ensure that client issues at addressed on priority. There are multiple modes to contact them including:

  • Live Chat
  • Toll-free phone number (for Indian clients)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email


MilesWeb has set the industry-standard for security in the Indian web hosting market. There is highest reliability in terms of security for your data, website and all your hosted systems:

  • 24×7 security
  • Redundant power sources for reliability
  • Finest quality and most advanced hardware
  • Multiple network carriers
  • On-site professional experts
  • N=1 redundant HVAC
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Smoke detection systems

The company’s data centers are fully secured and patrolled by security personnel. The power systems comprise of UPS, advanced power distribution units for effective management of power transformation, and redundant battery cabinets. Besides, the data center infrastructure is supported by advanced power supply and HVAC systems.


Whether you have an ecommerce website, a simple information-sharing blog or site, or an advanced web website with complex applications, MilesWeb offers complete range of solutions to address your hosting needs. The company’s data centers are located in Mumbai, Nasik, Indore, Bucharest, London, Atlanta, and Brooklyn. So if you want your website to be hosted close to your target market,  MilesWeb gives you the advantage of speed and reliability to your users. Affordable yet advanced, this Indian-based hosting company brings the best for not just its Indian clients but for the world too!

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