5 Best Gifts You Can Buy Using Crypto

If you own a type or many types of cryptocurrencies, you may be part of thousands worldwide using it actively as a means of exchange.  You may have found some ways to spend digital coins, but there are still other ways you can use them to make purchases online. One is to buy gifts with it!

By now, you must know that crypto is not useable in many places. Not many retailers accept it, both online and at physical stores. Yet, you can find your way around this constraint and use crypto to make several purchases. So, what are the five best gifts you can buy with crypto? Let’s examine some excellent suggestions.

Gift Cards

As the name implies, gift cards can be given as gifts for an individual to purchase anything of choice on a marketplace. Gifts are prepaid cards with monetary value that can be used to make purchases. With a gift card worth $30, you can buy items worth $30 on an online store where it’s accepted.

Gift cards are not universal. Shops often have customized gift cards. For example, Nike, Amazon, and Addidas have Gift cards usable in their individual stores. If you would like to give a gift, a gift card is a good option. Simply visit a retail store that accepts Bitcoin and buy a card. It may be impossible to purchase gift cards directly because many stores don’t accept crypto. However, some stores sell various kinds of gift cards and allow users to pay with cryptocurrency. Visit any of these stores, pick the type and value of gift card you need, and pay using cryptocurrency. Click to learn more.

Give Crypto As Gift

If you plan a gift for a teenager or middle-aged, crypto could be an ideal gift. You can choose any of the popular cryptocurrencies. Dodge, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Matic are cryptocurrencies to consider. You may choose to ask the individual before making the purchase. While this may remove the element of surprise, you’ll be able to give the right gift. You can also choose for the individual if you know their wallet address already.

When you gift crypto, no special transaction or conversion is necessary. Pick a coin to send and complete the transaction from your Wallet. Keep in mind that you may not want to gift crypto to older folks due to their interest. You may consider other types of gifts, such as gift cards. The interest of the recipient may also influence the choice of gift. An art enthusiast may appreciate NFTs more than any crypto. And this brings us to the next gift idea– NFT.


NFTs are non-fungible tokens in the form of artistic works. This digital asset is now widespread in the art world.  It includes music, painting, etc., in digital format. Its growing popularity makes it one of the most thoughtful gifts. If the recipient is an art lover, NFT artworks are ideal. But if it’s music, audio assets are the best. An advantage of an NFT gift apart from the aesthetic is the value. NFTs have a value that can increase over time. If the owner chooses to sell it later, an NFT may increase its worth, bringing the owner profits. NFTs are available on many marketplaces like Opensea. You can easily buy NFT with cryptocurrency.

Travel Gifts

A holiday gift is a rare but amazing gift to give. You can gift travel packages to newly Weds or anyone. Some travel agencies now accept payment in cryptocurrency. This traveling package includes everything, including flight tickets. Cheapair and a couple of travel companies allow crypto payment. Alternatively, you can offer to pay just flight tickets using crypto. Not so many airlines accept cryptocurrency, but if any that does operate close to the recipient, you may consider buying tickets from it.

Buy Video Games

Video games appeal primarily to young ones. If you want to give a gift to a teenager or someone in their early twenties, video games may do the trick. You can buy video games and make in-game purchases using cryptocurrency. Stores selling video games are now available online. They’ve replaced walk-in game shops to a large extent. Buy online and get it delivered to any location without leaving your location.

If it’s someone you play video games with frequently or occasionally, you may consider an in-game purchase. For example, you may use crypto to buy game coins, help unlock a stage, or purchase any other game equipment, depending on the type of game.


So far, we’ve seen a couple of gifts you can buy using cryptocurrency. Regardless of the age group, there is always a gift item you can buy using crypto. It could be cryptocurrency, gift cards, NFTs, or Video games — make a choice and complete the payment easily with cryptocurrency.

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