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Apple Offline and Online Retail Stores in India

Apple Offline and Online Retail Stores in India

Using Apple products is increasing now-a-days in every place of the world. Mainly in India many people are fascinated to Apple products and it became a passion. According to 2015 updates Apple crossed over one billion dollar mark in one year. But the issue we cannot fine direct Apple Retail stores. Keeping this in mind Apple made a decision to launch both Online and Offline Retail stores in India. In collaboration with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Apple is confirmed about its retail stores in India.

This is big news for existing Apple users also as they also provide service to the mobiles. Apple is interested in expanding their company in India as they found that the sales are increasing more than double than before especially in India. Hence they made this decision and we will find Apple Online and Offline retail stores very soon. Finally Apple company recognized the importance of Indian market and going to establish Online and Offline retail markets in India.

Consumers are also happy about this news as they are also facing issues with sales and service centers. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion secretary just announced about the proposal of retail stores in India. Customers are very happy as they are expecting service from these retail stores. Expectations are very high on Apple online stores also. By the end of this year we can find Apple Online and Offline retail stores in most important and famous places in India.

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