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Android 4.0 Update For Samsung Galaxy S2

Do you know that Android 4.0 ICS has a market share of 16% of all the Android powered smart phones and tablets? So, are you a part of the ICS family? If not, there is no reason to delay joining the league. Android 4.0 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 was made available long time ago in the internet. If you were not aware of this, it is high time to pull up the socks and get the best for your mobile device.  Most people in the American continent has taken the phone on contract with the mobile operators. Basically, these operators should enable the update features to the end users.

Official Launch by Samsung:

Samsung higher officials reported that the upgrade is to fix some of the minor errors and issues with the earlier version of the software. The Android 4.0 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 was also intended to offer a better designed User Interface Design that offers a feel good factor to the users.

List of Features Enahnced during Android 4.0 Update For Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Improved GUI
  • Improved touch and feel factor
  • Improved notification drop down
  • Improved locking process
  • New links to create contact through dialer button
  • Removed local search options
  • Improved browser functions
  • Improved camera and video playback quality
  • Battery strength display setting

So, are these features enough to keep you happy and upgrade your device platform? It is better late to be never in the race. Give the Android 4.0 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 device and explore the all new options.

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