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5 Most Beneficial Apps Brought Out This Week By Android

We approach end of 2015 December, it is the time to assure once again the new and best android application arrive at the market of android this week. Like the previous list, this time to market hold new 5 android applications that are fully loaded. These applications mentioned below makes your smartphone into a marvelous device. They are more stable and added with extra functionality. payments payment is one of the applications in 5 most beneficial apps brought out this week by Android. It is one of the quickest and simplest ways to do payments of credit card from your android phone and also is secure and safe. Keep the credit card near to phone camera and scanning is done automatically. There is no need of swiping the card or typing or no need to use card readers. You can just show the card get it scanned and accept the payments. It is a simple process where you can purchase with your credit card in minutes.


Pixable is the inbox of your photos. With the use of pixable you can find out and enjoy the best photos of your friends. It is a lovely application that discover the facebook photos especially top ones from your friends sharing lists and it is one of the 5 most beneficial apps brought out this week by Android. It sorts and ranks photos of your friends based on connections and popularity. By keeping an eye on your friends you can keep track of them and also receive notifications when they are tagged or they upload any photos. Even you can share an interesting photo through facebook just by clicking on it.

Dragon go

Dragon go users can simply say it, find out that and go. We can tell goodbye to unending search links. Dragon go will give you necessary links within seconds. Out of the 5 most beneficial apps brought out this week by Android one of the apps is Dragon Go which has access to more than 200 destinations spotted in mobile websites covering different area like entertainment, shopping and social networking. While walking to theatre tickets for the movie can be bought in a short time. Even sharing your findings through Twitter, Gmail, Skype etc can be done easily.

Photo Calendar – Smart Viewer

Photo Calendar allows surfing your photos on the basis of date. Smartphones holds a lot of photos but no one cares to remember the photo’s date when it was clicked. So photo calendar is one of the apps brought out this week by Android and is a good application for this purpose. The photos in the phone can be seen by sorting on the month or date basis. Also it can be seen on calendar view which allows you to watch the photos taken long back.


CloudMagic application searches over google’s productivity tools, twitter and contacts and calendars. In one place it searches all of the twitter and gmail accounts. This app which is one of the 5 most beneficial apps of Android supports voice search. It can also be worked across multiple devices such like smartphones and laptops. It allows you preview quickly and to retweet or reply. If you hardly know the starting two or three letters of what topic you are searching, then you can find the right mail or calendar events or the tweets with this application.

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