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5 Instagram Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools out there. It has become popular for every kind of business nowadays. You can promote your business of any kind whether it’s about any service or product or even blogging. However, in order to exploit its full potential, you need to know all its secrets. I am going to share with you some Instagram hacks that are obviously not a life-changer by any means, but they can help you in different ways.

So let’s begin with it!

  • Join Instagram Pods

Instagram pods! Looks like a new word to you? Well, I am going to explain this word to you right now. Instagram pods are the groups of up to 15 bloggers or influencers of your niche. These people are gathered together for a purpose, and the purpose is, whenever anyone in the group posts, he/she sends it to the group too, and the other members of the group have to like it comment on it and repost it if it requires being. This way a high traffic is generated towards your profile and you will gain followers on Instagram fast. So this is the hack of gaining the attention of different followers on Instagram.

  • Make your bio look different

Bio is the main thing that appears on your profile when anyone comes to visit your profile. Make their visit worth it by making it more interesting. You must have seen many profiles with line spacing and emoji in their bio. It’s not that difficult to make your bio look like this. As the Instagram does not allow you to add spaces in your bio, the hack here is to type in your bio in any other app, such as Notes on your iPhone. Then you can copy/paste it into the Instagram app. You can insert only one line break at a time. You can also use the same way too to add captions to your photos.

  • Create Mind Blowing Videos

Video posts have become most popular today. If pictures are worth thousands of words, videos are worth thousands of pictures. But the main thing here is not every video becomes interesting. To engage most of the followers or to achieve the highest engagement brands and influencers need to make their videos more and more interesting. The hack here is you can make your videos more engaging through making How-to videos of different things. For instance making a how-to video of a hairstyle, if you are a fashion blogger, which seems to be complicated hairstyle but through your video, it has become very easy for followers to make it. Similarly, for a food blogger, you can share many how-to recipes with your followers to achieve the highest engagement.

  • Rearrange The Order Of Your Filters

Another hack for your convenience is that you can rearrange the order of your Instagram filters. You can select the filters you use most frequently and hide the others which you don’t use. This will save a lot of time for you.

To reorder and hide filters, you can add a new post and start editing it. And when you get to the filters page, scroll to the very right of your filters option, and click “Manage.” And to reorder filters, hold your finger down on the three gray lines on the far right of the filter that you’d like to move, and then drag it to reorder. To hide them, deselect the checkmark to the right.

  • Research Related Hashtags For Your Posts

Some hashtags are simple, while others require a little digging to find. Luckily, Instagram has a feature that can provide relevant suggestions for your posts.

  • Tap the magnifying glass icon in order to visit the Discover tab
  • Type the keyword to search related hashtags
  • Pick a hashtag of your choice from the list
  • It will take you to a page of posts having the hashtag
  • Over the ‘MOST RECENT’ and ‘TOP POSTS’ sections of the page, there will be a small bar labeled as ‘Related’—next to this, Instagram will display a list of related hashtags that you can swipe through for inspiration.

Instagram is one of the most fun and visually appealing social platforms. And with these hacks, you can use it to an even fuller extent. These hacks help you lengthen your follower’s list. And make them more engaged to your posts.

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