5 Digital Solutions To Build Real-Time Business Web Applications

There are several digital solutions to build real-time web applications for business. Many businesses are integrating real-time technology into their web applications to increase customer satisfaction, retention rates, and long-term profitability. For example, many businesses are integrating live chatbots on their websites to automate communication with their customers. Other companies are using real-time application programs for online gaming and Internet of Things (IoT) apps where data must be processed with minimal delays. As an enterprise software developer, real time integration can have a major impact on your projects. Read on to learn about the most effective digital solutions to build real-time web applications for business.


First, polling is one effective digital solution to build real-time web applications. With polling, there are certain time periods after a request is sent to the server to check for updates. Typically, these are in the form of a vote. Then, the server looks for any updates and confirms them by sending an up-vote. If there are none, it responds with a down-vote. On the client side, the system requests any updated data if there is an up-vote. Usually, it is passed by the server. Once this process is complete, requests are sent again to the server at regular time intervals. With this method, an HTTP request stays up until the server sends a new message. Therefore, some developers are turning to more efficient ways to build their applications. Still, polling is one reliable, effective approach to build real-time apps.

Server-Sent Events

Next, you can also use server-sent events (SSE) to build your real-time web applications. With this approach, the client asks the server for information. Notably, the main difference between this method and polling is that the server holds the connection open. Typically, the server sends an event to the client once it occurs. Often, this means a web page has to send a request to the server to receive new data. However, this can occur efficiently since the server holds the connection open. Importantly, SSE is not supported on every browser. Therefore, you should check compatibility before investing in this technology. Definitely, sever-sent events are an efficient digital solution to for front and back end development.


In addition, websockets are another solution to build your real-time interactive applications. Notably, websockets can establish a long-held persistent connection between the client and the server. This provides a bidirectional, full duplex communication channel for rapid distribution. Typically, websocket protocols operate through a single socket connection. In addition, you can develop a c++ websocket server to listen on your chosen platform. Often, these servers provide simple, efficient connections to reduce unnecessary traffic and delays. Websockets are best when you’re looking to build a real-time application that requires a fast reaction time, ongoing updates, or ad-hoc messaging. Absolutely, utilize a websocket to establish a persistent connection between your client and server.

Real-Time Web Development Platforms

In addition, real-time web development platforms are another solution for your interactive business applications. Many of these frameworks can integrate bi-directional communication between clients and servers. Indeed, this allows for fast response time within your web apps. Typically, these platforms are geared towards certain types of web apps, such as building services with .NET. Naturally, their libraries and tools tend to match these platforms as well. Therefore, always check what programming languages your development platforms support. Certainly, real-time web development platforms are a great solution to build your web apps and skyrocket your productivity.

Advanced Runtime Environments

Lastly, advanced runtime environments are another option to build your real-time web applications. For example, some runtime environments offer two-way connections for social media, forums, and stock exchange applications. Often, they support IoT devices and data-intensive applications as well. In addition, runtime environments also offer scalability for your applications. Plus, they often include various event-driven features and non-blocking I/O. This ensures that data transmission between the server and the client shifts efficiently. In short, advanced runtime environments are a great digital solution for your real-time business applications.

There are several digital solutions to build real-time web applications for business. First, polling is one reliable, effective approach for interactive applications. Next, SSE as long as your browser supports it. In addition, websockets are one of the most reliable ways to establish a bi-directional, persistent connection between your client and server. These are great solutions for a fast reaction time. Of course, you can also use real-time development platforms depending on your computer language. Lastly, advanced runtime environments are another way to improve your data exchange. Implement these digital solutions to build real-time web applications for business.

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