5 Best Productivity Apps For Creatives

There are many productivity apps out there such as task management platforms, to-do list apps, team collaboration software, time trackers, among others.

If you’re looking at how you can make the most from your workday, this is the right place. There are many productive apps for creativity you can consider including:

  1. LastPass

Forgetting passwords is painful and keeping all your passwords in your memory is hard. There are many websites you can register and they all require different passwords. Besides, you have to combine both the lower and upper case letters, special characters, and even numbers. That’s why it is hard for you to remember all. And if you are in such a situation wondering what to do, let LastPass be your savior.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It helps to generate a secure and strong password you can use and it is available on all devices.

  1. Nifty

If you are a project manager and want to experience automated progress reporting, enhanced collaboration, and a feature rich project management software – Nifty is the ideal tool for you. Nifty will integrate your existing workflow seamlessly, keep everything you are doing on your project in one place, and replace other apps.

Besides, it keeps things well organized. Because of this, all stakeholders in the project can know the progress at any time. You can also go deep where you will add files, docs, and subtasks by signing things to the team members. Why Nifty is the best productive app for your project management is because it will not force you or complicate things with too many features like other tools such as ClickUp or SmartTask. It’s flexible, intuitive and allows you to switch between views, organize your lists, convert lists into milestones, and more. Nifty is also our recommendation as the finer ClickUp alternative in this space.

  1. me

With the spread of the pandemic, now people are encouraged to work at home. Working online has become the norm. If you simply want to hold or join conference calls or virtual meetings, this app is an excellent choice for you. With, you can personalize meetings and share the link with others. For others to join, they will paste that link on their browser and join. They don’t have to download any client software. Besides, you can set up either audio or video meetings.

  1. Evernote

If you will be working on a creative project, you need to have a brilliant flash of inspiration. So, Evernote is a great app that will help you to organize your random ideas and thoughts.

It is a note-taking app, so you can use it to jot down your thoughts, grab links, images, online articles, and stash them where needed. An advantage, there is a basic version that is free to use.

  1. Toggl

Time wasted is money lost, we all know that. But sometimes, we lack time to get things done. Besides, you need to also consider how long it will take you to change accordingly.

This app is simple but effective for tracking time. With a basic version, it’s free to use and available in mobile and desktop versions.  Once you set it up, you can break your working day, win back your time, and boost your productivity.

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