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PDF Converters – 12 Best Online PDF Converter Apps

Online software has revolutionized how we use the internet, especially when it comes to free online PDF converters. No downloads or installations are required to run these software. They are very convenient because they are available at any time and place. However, they are also significantly time consuming and less secure than desktop tools. But there are numerous free software over the internet, which offer fast and secure services. Some of these free online PDF converters are paid, while some are free; some are popular and some not so much. But these are really useful online tools that can be used reliably.

PDF file to Word

After you upload a file, the software requires you to enter an email ID to deliver the result; as simple as that. It does not support batch mode but there is no limit to the file size. Although, it has been placed very high on Google’s ranking, it delivers slow results.

Other than being pretty fast as compared to other online converters, this software accepts the URL of online files. Simply upload your file or enter a URL, select the output format and provide an email address. The software will convert and deliver the generated document download link straight to your Inbox. It is quite secure because all the PDF files are password protected and a user will need to provide the correct password to gain access to the document. However, it does not support batch mode and does not have a file size limit. It also supports output in docx, doc and rtf format.

Nitro PDF to Word

This software is similar to as it offers a simple and fast way to convert your documents online without any kind of download or installation. Upload a file, enter a valid email address and the software will convert the file and sent it directly to your email. Free PDF Conversion Online

Multipurpose PDF online converter

This free online PDF converter offers four commonly required types of conversions: PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint and PDF Creation. Users have to provide passwords to receive their files and the service is completely secure because all documents are erased from server within a day. Other than being accurate, the service is fast, which makes it one of the best free online PDF converter.
Compared to the rest of the online software, this does not require an email address. Users can directly download the converted file from the website. It is also very fast and accurate in its conversions. Although, the software supports rtf and html files, the file size is limited to 2 MB.

PDF to Word Online Converter

PDF to Word online converter doesn’t require an email address. A download link to the generated document is available immediately after the conversion. Although it is fast in conversion, it does not support large PDF files and its accuracy is affected by increasing file size.This software is very fast and neither does it require an email address to deliver the results nor does it have a limit to the file size. It also supports doc and txt format. However, batch mode and OCR are not supported in it.

Scanned PDF to Word

This software facilitates the conversion of scanned documents. It is very user-friendly and supports OCR conversion. Users can upload a scanned PDF file and provide an email address where the download link to the generated document is sent. It is also very accurate and fast.

This is an online OCR PDF to Word converter and enables the conversion of an image or scanned PDF file into word. Most of the free online PDF converters do not support OCR and the software is quite reliable and fast.

Convert PDF to HTML

This free online PDF converter can be used to generate URLs that can be viewed as a webpage. So, instead of downloading a file, converting it and storing it, the file will now be available all the time, over the internet. The service doesn’t require you to provide an email address.


This online PDF converter is unique in that it uses the text in a PDF file to create content for a podcast or some other type of audio file that can be embedded in a blog or website. The tool can be used to make an audio file from text. The user will have to sign up using their email address and start using the service immediately. The generated audio files can also be used in Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices as well.

PDF to Online magazines

There are many services available on the internet that enables conversion of PDF files into online magazines. Users are required to sign up with a free account. They can then upload the PDF file and the software then converts it into a classy online magazine. Such sites include Issuu and Youblisher

Although, the number of free online PDF converters is increasing every day, the most practical approach is to install a desktop tool that saves time and enables conversion into different formats. However, if you have to use a different system or a cyber café, these online tools will definitely be useful.

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