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With the advent of technology, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. This is normal because, with the inclusion of a particular technology in this world, merits run simultaneously with demerits. Technology modifies the world into a smarter one as well as a faster one, but there also arises a serious issue of cyber safety.

Fake Indian Mobile Number

Indian Mobile Number for Sms Verification

Even in the recent days, the news channels have been flooded with the news of hackers destroying the privacy of users. It is a common issue these days when hackers get the access of every information from one’s phone by sending them unknown links and users get confused by the intriguing names related to the links, they mistakenly access the link and fall prey to the trap. Apart from the link sharing, sometimes while installing and accessing an unknown app, the users fall prey to the trap. This occurs when they are asked to provide their mobile numbers to receive a One time Password(OTP) and through the sharing of the phone numbers, their information is stolen. To avoid this, another technology has evolved which generates fake or temporary mobile phone number which does not reveal one’s identity.

This technology is promoted through an app which allows the generation of temporary mobile numbers which a user can provide in order to ensure that his or her identity is kept safe and anonymous. Across the world, there are various sites which are performing the same activity but many of them do not provide temporary numbers to India. That is why it is better to go for that app which delivers such fake or temporary mobile numbers to Indian users.

Features of such fake mobile numbers

There are only a handful of sites who provide disposable phone numbers to Indian users, one such link is receive-sms-online.net. The downloading and installation of the app through such links is quite easy. These sites as well as these apps were once unknown to the masses but nowadays, with the crave and demand, people are searching for such websites and apps and easily they can get hold of the resources over the internet. These apps and sites are made with a certain attractive set of features which is capable of penetrating any market. These features are as follows:

  • Free service:

This is the reason why users opt for using this service. These disposable phone number generators provide a completely free service and they are effective in their subsequent operations as well. If there would have been a system where the users needed to pay, then automatically the number of users accessing the service would have been decreased.

  • Instant service:

As mentioned, the service is quick and prompt. Within a fraction of minutes, the disposable phone number is generated and one can use the number for OTP generation mainly. There is absolutely no delay involved and it maintains anonymity which is one primary reason behind its success.

  • No registration required:

As we observe that many apps or websites require registration and then they allow the users to get access to their services. Even online movie sites have this unnecessary obligation which wastes a lot of time when considered from a user’s point of view. Even some of these registrations require payment which is also an obligation for the users. The fake mobile number generators do not have such formalities and everyone can have access to the services of the site without any signing up.

  • Other countries:

The above-mentioned site is diverse on its own. The reason behind this is through this site, the temporary numbers for other countries such as USA, China, Russia, Thailand, Romania, Spain etc can be generated.

It is not unknown that these features are entirely created for the purpose of attracting the customers. Due to the simplified and free services, there is more number of users for this site and their quick services are also recommendable.

Virtual mobile number for sms verification India

Apart from the One Time Password(OTP) generation, some of the related websites can perform more tasks. For the purpose of SMS verification, these sites offer the service of generating disposable or temporary mobile phone numbers. A couple of sites which perform the above-mentioned function are mentioned below:

  • receive-sms.com
  • net
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • org
  • receive-sms-online.com
  • com
  • sms-receive.net
  • com
  • com
  • receive-sms-online.info
  • receive-sms-now.com
  • net
  • com
  • com
  • e-receivesms.com
  • receive-a-sms.com

The above-mentioned sites are the ones who provide fake mobile numbers for the purpose of SMS verification. It can be understood that these sites operate with high proficiency which is the main reason behind its fast growing rate of customer and market penetration. These sites are also designed and operated keeping in mind the basic visions of customer intimacy and customer-aligned product packaging.

List of Top 5 app For Indian disposable phone numbers

As mentioned, there are only a few sites and apps which provide disposable phone numbers to the users of India. Considering their performances, it is mention-worthy to say that all of these apps have shown great efficiency in their general operations and special offers or hacks. The top 5 apps which work in India are named below:

  • Vopee App
  • TextPlus App
  • Talk2 Mobile App
  • Talkatone
  • Primo App

Apart from these efficient apps, there are some other names which are equally important. Some of them are FreeTone free calls and texting App, SmartCall Mobile App, Mobilink App, Next+ and much more. These apps provide disposable mobile phone numbers for different countries such as USA, Malaysia, Philippines etc. Some of the apps work exclusively for countries like USA and Canada and there are some of them which work for Pakistan as well.

Although this feature of the app acts as a disadvantage sometimes because when these apps have exclusivity in their operations and working, users from other countries apart from that specific country do not find any advantage. For this reason, there also exist some apps and sites which provide temporary numbers for more than one country. These are the examples of creating diversity and it is always observed that in the world of technology, there is always a solution available to every issue.

How to get Indian disposable phone number through receive-sms-online.com

The question arises about why receive-sms-online.com should only be considered while providing an explanation. The reason for choosing receive-sms-online.com is that it is extremely popular among the customers and if compared to all other sites, the market penetration of this particular site has reached great heights and this site has become the user’s favorite in a comparatively shorter span of time.

It is obvious that the process of operation is extremely simple and user-friendly. One needs to follow the below mentioned steps in order to access the working procedure of the site:

  • The user needs to browse the link receive-sms-online.com.
  • Then the user needs to select a particular country from the site.
  • By selecting a particular country, the number which is selected needs to be added in the area or section which is being specified.
  • Then the user needs to select the option specified for sending an OTP. After this has been done, one can observe that the same OTP number appears below the selected mobile number.
  • After this, the OTP can be added in any site or app by the user.

Through these easy steps, one can generate a fake mobile number just for the purpose of OTP generation or sms verification. But one needs to understand that the working procedure of these apps and sites are made for a relevant and valid purpose. This purpose contributes to the welfare and satisfaction of the customers, making their lives easier and reducing their burdens in a relative amount.

It is necessary to mention that this app is made for a good purpose and it serves for the same. Since the app works for the purpose of generating fake or temporary mobile phone numbers, there is a slight probability that someone may misunderstand its concept, this misunderstanding can lead to adverse results which is even beyond imagination.

There are probabilities of illegal activities that is why one needs to be absolutely transparent about the reason to use this app. This is because one cannot use the fake or temporary mobile phone numbers in any illegal purposes or criminal activities. When we discuss about generating fake, disposable numbers, it is quite normal that people misuse the whole concept of it. This is why the controllers of the organization have methods to track the activities to prevent any misuse and in case of any misuse resulting to an adverse impact, the person responsible can be easily identified and in that case, he or she will be immediately under police custody or severe actions will be taken. Apart from this, it is quite evident that this app has multiple benefits and hacks which are in demand across the world by millions of users who are happy by its performances.

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