UC Browser Mini Apk Download Latest Version for android Devices

Introduction to UC Browser Mini Apk:

UC browser mini is basically a browser application for mobile devices. To know about UC browser mini initially, you need to know what is the UC browser.

UC Browser mini version

UC browser is the most popular mobile browser worldwide. It is a web browser developed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile Internet company. And now it is owned by Alibaba Group. It stood at the fourth place of the worlds best and popular mobile browsers. Firstly it was introduced in April 2004, only for J2ME platform. And later on, it became available on the various number of platforms, Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Java Me, Symbian, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows. It is available for Android devices in Play store. The original UC browser is captioned with ‘Fast download private and secure’ by UCWeb Inc. It requires 43 MB space in your device storage. It is available in many languages and for almost all operating systems and is a freeware application. That’s all about the UC browser application.

The similar application, UC browser mini was also developed by the same company, UCWeb Inc. UC browser mini can be well said as the lighter version of UC browser application. It requires very lesser space than the original UC browser app. Almost 4 times lesser than the size of the UC browser. It is developed for fast browsing of Google, FB and faster download of songs, videos and can get fastest Cricket live scores. It was developed in 2010 and its first release is on August 25th, 2010.

How to Download and Install UC Browser Mini Apk for Android devices:

The latest version of UC browser mini app is version 12.9.7. was released on January 30th, 2019. For downloading UC browser mini apk on your android devices, you need to follow the steps below.

Steps to download and install UC Browser Mini Apk:

  • Take your Android smartphone and Android device and search for Play Store application.
  • Click on it and you will be redirected to the home page of Play Store app.
  • There, in the search box type, UC Browser Mini and you will be given a list of applications available with these words. look at them and fetch the one with the caption, ‘Tiny Fast Private & Secure’ developed by UCWeb Inc. and of size 9.8 MB.
  • Click on it and you will be taken to the application download page with install button below it.
  • Click Install and the application starts downloading.
  • Once the app is downloaded, immediately, the installation process starts.
  • For installation, it asks the user to allow the app to access other apps and some settings in the device.
  • Accept them and allow the app to install.
  • Now the app is ready to use in your Android device.

The app asks for several permissions prior to the installation of the app. they are listed below.

App Permissions:

  • Camera for taking pictures and videos.
  • Contacts for finding accounts on the device.
  • Location for accessing approximate location and precise location, Network, and GPS based respectively.
  • Phone to directly call phone numbers or read phone status and identity.
  • Storage space to modify or delete the contents on the SD card and also to read the data on SD card.
  • Other setting permissions include
    • preventing phone from sleeping for enabling uninterrupted transfer of data.
    • view Wi-Fi connections for finding the other devices hotspot to connect to it.
    • receive data from the Internet for the new feed.
    • disable your screen lock stops the screen to lock automatically for uninterrupted transfer of data.
    • measure app storage space useful when updating the app for the latest versions.
    • allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception.
    • read sync statistics.
    • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi, as the app uses Wi-Fi and helps to browse data.
    • Having full network access for showing the news feed.
    • retrieve running applications
    • set wallpaper
    • access Bluetooth settings for connecting devices.
    • expand/collapse status bar
    • This application can appear on top of other apps.
    • run at startup
    • uninstall shortcuts
    • install shortcuts
    • control vibration
    • view network connections
    • make app always run.
    • read Home settings and shortcuts to avoid the app settings to overlap with Home settings.
    • change network connectivity when the weak network or no network.
    • close other apps that disturb its actions.
    • pair with Bluetooth devices for connection purpose.
    • toggle sync on and off to sync the browsed data with the logged in account.

How to Use UC Browser Mini Apk for Android Devices:

Using the UC browser mini app is similar to the usage of other mobile browsers. The interface of the application is very simple with all the features that are required to provide a great browsing experience. It is the private and secure app for browsing on the Internet.

The best part of this app is that you can customize it. The app’s homepage can be customized into very easy to access interface by adding the shortcuts to the most visited URL’s. The app also integrates some of the themed sections of the app with the most popular web services that are used in the country. you can add themes to the browser and can modify the look and feel of the application. The other wonderful feature is that the themes added can be extended to the actual pages you visit on the internet. By this, the complete look of the web pages changes from their original view.

The application has many more significant features for being in the list of top browsers. They include gesture control. This feature helps the user to play with the app on hands. The gesture controlling enables the user to switch between tabs very quickly and easily. The user can also get the ability to search for anything using the voice commands.

The app also has features that protect our eyes at the night for surfing on the Internet without much light. It helps you browse anything at night with ease and reduces the strain for your eyes.

The Mini version of the app is very similar to the UC Browser app of version 8.7. UC Browser Mini is more light and fluid comparatively and useful for less powered devices.

Requirements of UC Browser Mini Apk:

The major requirements of any application to be installed on the device is the storage space. This app installation requires 9.8 MB of space on your Android device.

UC browser mini doesn’t require the higher version of the Android Operating System. It can run on any version of Android devices. As in the case of the UC browser, you don’t require the device to have Android version 2.2 or higher than that for UC browser mini. This feature makes the app useful for low-range smartphones.  As in other apps, this app doesn’t require a faster data connection and can even run on 2G data. This can be done by compressing the multimedia content on the web pages and delivering it in a smaller size compared to original ones.

Features of UC Browser Mini Apk:

The application provides a great browsing experience in a very tiny package of 9.8MB. It is a very useful app for its lightweight, fast download and browsing features. It allows you to watch videos online and even share them online.

The main features of the UC Browser Mini app are:

  • Tiny size
  • Smart downloading
  • fast browsing
  • Quick search
  • Incognito browsing
  • Night mode
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Blocker
  • More to discover

Tiny size:

It requires a very lesser space. Its size is 12MB lesser than a quarter of the space required by the UC browser. Using Mini version of UC Browser saves a lot of storage space.

Smart downloading:

The app supports multiple download mode with automatic reconnection and also downloads the content by compressing it, which requires lesser downloading speed.

fast browsing:

The browsing is also faster saving time and even reduces data usage with this option. And the most visited sites can be added as shortcuts on the homepage which further reduces the time.

Quick search:

Smart search feature lists down the search results below the search bar, minimizing the search time.

Incognito browsing:

For proving privacy of your browsing, the app provides you with incognito browsing mode.

Night mode:

This mode is to provide comfort to your eyes in the night light and in the dark. You need to just activate the night mode to experience it.

Data Saving:

The data is compressed in the UC browser mini app which speeds up the navigation and helps in saving your mobile data and wi-fi data and keep you away from the cellular data traffic.

Ad Blocker:

This feature helps the user in browsing comfortably and improves the browsing experience. It is to visit the complete Web pages Ad-free on your Android device.

More to discover:

It also has many other features,

  • My Videos, helps you to watch the downloaded videos in the browser itself.
  • QR Code scanner to scan and search it online.
  • Save page for future reference.
  • Text-only mode to prevent app from taking gesture instructions.
  • Full screen option brings the app to the full screen.
  • Importing/Exporting Bookmarks from some other location or to other locations. Sharing of them through exporting option.
  • Check Network checks the network connection and the strength of the signal.

These all features add good weight to the capability of the application but not to your device storage. This application mostly fulfills all the browser requirements in any mobile device, which makes it the most popular and downloaded app in the world. Its origin started from finding a solution for the slower running devices and data connection and provide a faster browsing experience for low-end devices.


It is considered the best app for its wonderful features of making it useful for low range Smartphones and also for the low-speed data connections. It is mainly designed for the purpose of solving the issue of slower processing smartphones and data connections. It has become more popular for its attractive features and been downloaded by around 100 million users till the date. It has won various awards for its performance and working.

List of awards:

  • Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013-Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market (APAC)
  • Best Android Browser Award 2012
  • Best Mobile Browser Award 2011

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