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Top 50 Apps For BlackBerry SmartPhones

The Blackberry is well known smartphone from the Research In Motion (Rim). In the past some time the smartphone has gained too much popularity is considered in World’s top brands. The Blackberry is famous for its security concerns. There is not any mobile operating system, which offers such intense security, which is offered by the Blackberry. From the past some time, Blackberry is facing tough competition from the Apple and Android. No doubt the Android and Apple are far behind in the security concerns, than the Blackberry. But whenever we talk about the apps, then Blackberry loses the race. Unlike the Android and Apple, which have millions of apps in their respective stores, the Blackberry do not have such a big database of apps in its store. But still the Blackberry has got the apps for all the categories. There are about 25,000 apps in the Blackberry store only for the BlackBerry smart phones. All the apps are very good and enhance the capabilities of our BlackBerry smart phone. If you are a blackberry smart phone user, then you must have apps on your smart phone. You must have looked to download the apps for your blackberry, but the great rush of apps in the Blackberry store confuses us and makes it difficult to select the right one for us. So i decided to create this post, in which I am going to write only top most apps. Before going through the tutorial please note that the list of top apps for the Blackberry is totally based on the user reviews and no. of downloads. We are not promoting any app with this list. This list is solely created for you and to help you in selecting the best apps for your Blackberry smart phones. These apps are not confined in any particular category.

Following is the list of top and must have apps for your Blackberry smart phones.

1. ShortCutMe 

Well, as the name suggests, this app is related to the shortcuts o say easy access. This shortcut is not related to the path shortcut of your destination or home, but yes is a shortcut to your favorite links and features on your home screen. This app is probably the best and must have app for all the Blackberry smart phones owners. This app makes the use of the BlackBerry very easier by providing the simple access to your favorite links. You can easily arrange most used options and features on the home screen. You can easily place the direct links or say shortcut links to various features like phone call, messages, tools etc. You can make your home screen, a home for the most used features. You can even place the shortcut of WiFi on your home screen and thus can have access to switching in or Out directly from your Blackberry smart phone’s home screen.

2. Nobex 

The Radio is a very basic feature, which is there in almost all the smart phones from all the leading manufacturers, but you can’t get a blackberry smart phone, having in-built Radio in it. But this is no more pain for the music lovers, especially for those who love to listen music on the FM, because Nobex is the app, made for them. With Nobex, you can stream music from a  no. of FM channels. You can listen to your favorite FM channel and can also buy the song, if you want, using the Nobex app. There are plenty of apps related to this category, but Nobex is probably the best out of them. The best feature of this app is that, you only need internet connection on your smartphone and nothing else. You can also use the WiFi and 3G connection as well.

3. EverNote 

This app is like a personal notebook for you. This app is very good for them who are always busy in the professional life and find it difficult to maintain good balance between the personal and professional life. This app allows you to store, share and surf your personal notes, data , videos, images. You can use it as a eNotebook and can store your daily schedule in it. This app also has their desktop client, which allows you to synchronize data with it and check it on your desktop. You can also access your data from their official website as well.

4. Memory

This app converts your blackberry smart phone into a regular brain trainer. You can use this app on your blackberry smart phone, to sharpen your memory skills. This app helps you in increasing your memory skill while having fun. This app is a must have app for the children, by which they can increase their memory skills. This app or should i say game comes with the no. of levels, whose  difficulty increases from one level to other. To have a perfect experience of the game and to challenge others, this app has also the score tracking system as well.

5. VLC Remote Control

Well, almost every PC or notebook users have the popular media player, which is the VLC media player, on their systems to enjoy the music. This app for the blackberry smart phones, convert your smart phone to a VLC Remote Control device. No, doubt the app is not free and also it comes  with the complicated setup, which makes it hard for the newbies like me and probably you as well. But the features are very good and controlling the VLC player on your PC, via your  blackberry smart phone, is also a unique and entertaining concept.

6. Kayak

If you are traveler, then this app is surely going to please you. The Kayak is the app, which enables your  blackberry smart phone, into a   travel guide. The Kayak is a popular website, which enables you to find the hotels in any city. Now you can access these great features on your Blackberry Smart Phone as well, by using this app. This is one of the best and recommended app for all the Blackberry Smart Phone users, because we all are traveler one day at least.

7. AccuWeather

This one is for those Blackberry Smart Phone users, who love to stay updated with the weather news in their locality. This app keeps you updated with the weather news of whole the world while on the go. There are plenty of apps there in the Blackberry app store related to this category, but this one is the best with all the unique features. You can even set your mobile no. as well, and can get all the weather updates on  your Blackberry Smart Phone, via the messages.  There is also an option to set alerts, by which you can get the weather forecasts and warnings, directly in your inbox.

8. eBay

This app is for those who love to go for online shopping. The eBay is a popular shopping site, on which you can get your desired products at the amazing prices. The eBay official app for the Blackberry, allows you to sure the eBay site, with all the desktop version features. You can surf their store, search for your favorite products, check the best deals and place the order as well. You can also get the alerts for the bids on your mobile phone via the messages. This app has got very good features for the sellers as well and they can check their listings and can also check their product reviews and can respond to the customer’s questions as well.

9. Facebook

The World is all about the Social Networking sites and all the people are going mad behind them. The Facebook leads all the social networking sites. Actually the social sites are now the need of hour. It is very difficult to sit in front of the desktop to enjoy these sites. So the Facebook app is one of the best social networking apps for the Blackberry Smart Phone users. By using this app you can stay updated on your Facebook account, while on the go. This app has all the features that you see on the Facebook’s desktop version. You can check the messages, status updates from your friends, news feed while on the go. This is must have app for all the Blackberry users.

10. Twitter

Twitter is the next name in the social networking sites and so the app is. The Twitter app for Blackberry Smart Phone  users is the next must have social networking site app. The Twitter app allows you to surf your Twitter account with all the desktop features. You can open your twitter account, make tweets, reply to others, retweet as well. With this app installed on your Blackberry Smart Phone, you can stay updated with the Twitter updates and thus can stay in touch with the people you follow.

11. LinkedIn

If you love LinkedIn Social Networking site, then you will love this app too. This app has got all the features, that you can find on the desktop version. This app lets you to send invitations on your LinkedIn account, while on the go., This app also enables you to copy the contact details from your address book and send the invitations to their mobile phones. The app is full rich in features, the only drawback of this app is that if your network is live and you have the limited data connection, then it will consume the data and the battery life as well, by downloading the updates.

12. FriendChat

The Facebook app for the Blackberry smart phones has got all the features, the only missing feature is the support of chat and that is fulfilled by this great app. This app enables you to have a chat with the Facebook friends. You can have live chat with your friends from your Facebook account. You can have a chat with your friends, with the advanced features like emoticons. You can also post updates to your Facebook Wall, within this app, and that also in the matter of few seconds only.

13. Photo Editor

This app for the Blackberry smart phones is also must have app for all the users. The app may be called as the Photo Shop of the Blackberry smart phones. This app is really fun app, enabling you to edit the pictures of your friends. You can add cool effects to the pictures of your friends and make it look wired. This app also has the easy access to the Facebook as well, which allows you to quickly share the edited photo on your Facebook wall.

14. Documents To Go

Documents to go is must have app for the users, who are always busy with their business related documents. This app work as PDF Reader and displays the PDF files on your screen. You can check the documents, edit it, check spellings as well. For all the business persons, this one is recommended app for your Blackberry smart phone.

15. QR Code Scanner Pro

From past some time the trend of using the QR codes has been increasing day by day. Almost each app is available in the square code, which is called QR code. This app enables you to scan the real data hidden behind the QR codes. This data can be links, messages, contact details or phone no. as well. Using this app is also very simple. Just put your camera in front of the QR code and it will scan the code itself and after scanning the code, it will open up the browser, dialer screen , message writing box or what ever, depending on the type of the data hidden behind the QR code.

16. WhatsApp

The popular app for the other operating systems such as Android, Symbian, iOS is also the part of Blackberry smart phones. This app is crossed platform app, which allows to have a chat with your friends. You can share the data such as SMS or MMS with your friends. The good thing about this app is that it does not cost you anything to use its services. This app uses the GPRS and EDGE connection to send and receive data. You can even send songs, videos, notes and contact details to your friends.

17. IMPlus Lite

If you love to have a chat with your online friends, then this is the app for you. This app is IM client having option for all the chatting sites like Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM. Hotmail etc. So by using this app, you need not to have separate app for all the chat networks, By having this app installed on your Blackberry smart phone, you can login to all the chat clients at a single time.

18. Vingo

Vingo is a voice assistant for you. This can turn your Blackberry smart phone into the voice recognition system. By making use of this app, you can search the web by just speaking to it. Not only the web search, but you can do several other tasks like updating Facebook or Twitter and also can make calls to your contacts as well. There are plenty of apps there in the Blackberry app store, but this one is just awesome, which has got all the advanced features and also the voice recognition quality is more than awesome. This app is for those who want to leave some modern impact on the persons, standing nearby them.

19. Google Maps

The popular app for the Android and iPhone is there in the Blackberry app world as well. The Blackberry itself has the map service, but this one from the Google has got some extra advanced features. The app is best in its response and enables you to search for your favorite places and get directions as well. The user interface is also very simple and you can have a very deep view of whole the world from your Blackberry smart phone, while on the go.

20. Paypal

If you internet to make transactions on the national and international levels, then you must have heard about the Paypal. Paypal is the no.1 online bank, enables you to send and receive money worldwide. Now you can enjoy all the features on the  Blackberry Smart Phone as well by using the official app for the Blackberry. This app allows you to send and receive money worldwide and that also from your phone.

21. BlackBerry Protect

This one is related to the protection of your smartphone and is a must have app for all the users. This app works on the free service offered by the RIM. The blackberry smart phone are known for their good protection features and this one app is one of them. This app takes the backup of your data after the regular interval of time. In case your phone is stolen, then also this app works great and allow you to remotely lock your Blackberry smart phone via the internet.

22. Memory Booster

This app boosts the memory of your Blackberry smart phone and thus boosts the speed of your smart phone as well. There are plenty of apps in this category, but probably this one is the best. This app scans for the unnecessary files and then delete it. So by creating the free space on your Blackberry smartphone, it boosts the memory and speed of your smart phone.

23. Who is it

This app enables you to check the caller details in a dashing and modern way. You can get the info  about the caller by the LED lightening, You can choose any color for a particular caller, which will glow at the time of incoming call from that particular caller. You can set the colors for 10 people, by using this app. This app is very useful, when the phone far from the physical access.

24. SmartRunner

This one is for the health conscious people. This app keeps track of the calories burned, distance traveled, average, current and maximum speed as well. This app is very good in the outdoor activities. You can even share the data on the Facebook or Twitter, as this app comes with the Social Media Integration.

25. Navita Translator

This app is based on the concept of Google Translate the service and is the best app in its category. This app converts the written or spoken data into more than 50 languages. This is not enough, this app also allows you to convert any message or voice mail into any language you want. This app has also the support of social networking sites and thus allows you to share the data on these social networking sites, within the matter of few seconds.

26. Tweet Better

If you love Twitter, then you will love this app too. This app is the best app for the Twitter. It is even better than the official Twitter app. With this app, you can enjoy a better Twitter on your Blackberry smart phone.

27. Watch Mobile TV

Converts your Blackberry smart phone into the TV by using this app. This app has got very good features and it enables you to watch the live TV. It gathers the data from the popular TV websites and stream them directly on your device’s screen. You can also download the favorite shows videos to your Blackberry smart phone.

28. Black Berry Messenger

So here on no. 28, comes the app for which the Blackberry smart phones are known worldwide. Blackberry messenger is a popular messenger, which allow you to send messages to your friends and relatives. The best part of it is that all this happen without any cost.

29. Amazon

Amazon is the no.1 online shopping website and the official app for Blackberry smart phone, allows the BlackBerry users to surf the Amazon stores, check the latest deals, buy products as well. You can have the desktop Amazon’s site experience on your smartphone by making use of this app. This is must have app for all those, who love to go for online shopping.

30. Boopsie

If you use internet for the free knowledge purposes. If Yes, then this one is surely going to make its place on your Blackberry smart phone. The app enables you to search for the articles from the database of top websites like WikiPedia, IMDB, WSJ etc.

31. Palringo

The popular instant messaging client Palringo is part of the Blackberry app world as well. This app allows you to have sign in to different chat clients at a single time. You can have chat with your friends from the various chat networks like Facebook, Gtalk, AIM etc.

32. Gmail

The official Gmail app for the Blackberry smart phone has got all the features, which are there on the desktop Gmail website. This app allows you to check mails, compose mails, send the files easily. This app gives you instant access to your Gmail inbox. All its features stands it in the list of top Blackberry apps. This app is must have app for those users, who need to check their emails regularly.

33. Stock Viewer

For the all the business persons, this is must installed app on their Blackberry smart phones. This app gives you the latest updates from the stock market. The app loads the data and latest ups and downs of the shares from the popular business websites and then loads this data on the screen, If you are running a stock market, then this app will surely make its place on your Blackberry smart phone. The other good feature of this app is that, you can set alerts for the particular shares.

34. HulloMail

This one is also one of the best Blackberry apps. This app allows you to send the voice mails to your inbox as a MP3 file, which you can access later. You can even send the small audio messages to your friends. The good features in the Voice mail field, makes it to stand in this top  Blackberry apps list.

35. Windows Live Messenger

If you have the email account on the Hotmail, then this app is probably best for you to have a chat with your Hotmail contacts. You can have a chat with them with all the features, that you find in the desktop version. The best feature of this app is that, you can have chat with more than one person at a single time, which lacks in most of the IM clients for BlackBerry.

36. Opera Mini

No doubt the default browser of the BlackBerry has also the features, but with the simple user interface and features the Opera Mini is one of the best internet browsers for this operating system as well. The best features of the Opera Mini are its speed and less data consumption, which is very helpful in the case of limited data connection.

37. Flickr

Flickr is a popular website for uploading photos and and surfing through the millions of other pictures. The official app for the Blackberry smart phones has got all the features that the official website has. This app allows you to upload pictures and browse the other pictures within your Blackberry.

38. Shazam

This app is best app for the music lovers. This app allows you to search the music, listen it, read the lyrics and buy the music as well. The best features include the support of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter. You can easily share your favorite music with your friends of Facebook or Twitter.

39. Score Mobile

BlackBerry app world has the apps related to the sports as well and this one probably leads all the sport related apps. This app keeps you updated with the latest score updates of all the games. You can have updates of your favorite game directly on your phone. You can also create the alerts for the sport and thus can get all the latest updates of that particular sport via the messages and that also at not any extra cost.

40. Zomato

This one is for the food lovers. This app gives you the information about the restaurants  of your locality. You can also check the menu of the dishes served in the particular restaurant and can also check the user reviews on any particular dish. Thus you can go with the right food stuff for you.

41. Google Talk

Google Talk is a popular chat client for the desktop and you can also use this one on your blackberry smart phones as well. The Gtalk for the BlackBerry has got all the features, that the Gtalk desktop version has. You can use all the Gtalk emoticons and can have multiple chat with your friends at a single time.

42. Google Sync

This app for the Blackberry smart phones, from the Google allows you to synchronize the contact details from your Blackberry smart phone with the Google and Gmail account. So if you have any old BlackBerry then you can simply use this great app to sync contact details with your Gmail contacts.

43. FourSquare

The popular FourSquare app for all the operating systems like  Android, iOS is also the part of Blackberry app world as well. This app is the best location based social networking site. With this app you can check the previous visits of yours by just authorizing the app with your Foursquare account. The app comes in the different badges, which is related to the different frequency by which a user visit any particular place. This app is best in its category and tells your friends about your location.

44. AutoLock

The AutoLock app is basic app, but useful as well. This app automatically locks your Blackberry smart phone when the back light is turned off.

45. BBFile Scout

There are many file browsing apps there in the BlackBerry app world, but this one is the best with all its features. This app gives you full computer type file browsing interface. You can create new directories, edit the previous ones, delete the directories or file, and can move them as well.

46. Blogger

Blackberry World has the apps for the bloggers as well. Blogger app for the Blackberry smart phones, is the official app for the free blogging platform, which is blogger. The app gives you access to basic blogger features like post new article, edit the previous ones and also save the articles as drafts as well.

47. WordPress

This one is also for the bloggers and those who are using the WordPress as their blogging platforms, then it is a must have app for their smart phones. This app has got many rich features, which allows us to keep blogging, while on the go. You can save the key notes, edit the articles, save the new titles and can respond to your visitor’s queries. If you are a blogger, then both the Blogger and WordPress BlackBerry apps are the must have apps for your Blackberry smart phone.

48. Speed Test

Like other apps, a plenty of apps are available in this category as well, but this one is probably the best. If you want to check that how fast the 3G connection, you are using is, then it is prefect app for you. With this app you can check the speed of your 3G connection, GPRS/EDGE connection and WiFi internet connection speed as well.

49. UPS For BlackBerry

UPS is a popular shipping service, which ships the products worldwide. Now you can access the features of this service from your BlackBerry Smart phone by using this app. You can keep track of the parcel. The parcel can be traced without logging into the account, but logging into the account gives the access to more features. If you ever have a shipment with the UPS in past, then this app shows it also in the shipment history option.

50. Antair Auto Respond

Antair Auto Respond is also a good app for the BlackBerry Smart Phones users, which let the users to set up an auto reply to their incoming emails. This app is very good for the internet marketers as well. The best feature of this app is that it lets you to set up different automatic reply for the family members and the business partners and that also for the same Email account.

So it was the list of top apps for the BlackBerry Smart Phones. This list of top apps is based on the no. of downloads and user reviews about the particular app. Also, this list contains both paid and unpaid apps which are not arranged in any particular category. The apps are created for any specific category as well. The list contains apps related to all the categories. Hope you like this post. Please consider sharing it with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites and spread the world about our hard work, that we did only to give you something valuable and helpful.

If you have any doubt, suggestion or question regarding this article, then please do let us know about it by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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