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5 Important tips to increase your facebook Security

Facebook is currently world’s No-1 Social networking site with millions of active facebook users from all over the world. These days even many of the school going children also have facebook Security accounts…!  Being such popular site, facebook is always the target of hackers. Even in recent days many spamming attacks took place. Those spamming content will get pasted from one facebook Security wall to friend’s wall and so on…

Securing your facebook accounts from hackers is not that easy task. You should be known with basics of security tips to secure your account. This 5 tips will definitely help you in securing you facebook accnout.

1. Always browse on secure connection

Secure browsing in the sense it should be  instead of There are many applications on facebook Security which will ask you to disable the “secure connection” but it is too risky to do that. If you are in any LAN connection or at any WIFI connection then your sessions can be hijacked in a easy manner using simple tools. So it is always recommended for you to browse on secure connection

To enable you secure browsing go to Account settings > Security settings > Secure browsing ‘edit > and now tick the box there and click on “save changes” that’s it now you can browse on secure connection.

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2. Enable login notifications

This is an interesting feature provided by facebook. If someone logins into your account than you will receive a  text message to your mobile or email to your mail address.

To enable your login notifications Go to go to Account settings > Security settings > Login notifications ‘edit. There you can select whether to get mobile notifications or email notifications or even both and finally click on save settings

3. Change your password regularly

Instead of using same password for many days it’s recommended to change your password frequently. IF someone came to know about your password then it will help you stop illegal access to your account.

4. Use strong password

Mobile number, girl/boy friends name, family members name, pet names are the most common things that the people used to keep for their accounts. Instead of keeping such week passwords, it’s better to use some strong password so that no one should even guess your password. Always make sure that your password should be combination of letter and numbers. So that it will be difficult for others to guess it.

5. Use different password for facebook and email account.

This is one of the huge mistakes that many of internet users will commit. If you use same password for many sites then if one get hacked then every account will also get hacked.  In the case of facebook if you have same password for email account and facebook then it’s easy for the hacker to gain complete access to your facebook account for ever.

So try to use different passwords for both email account and your facebook account.

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