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Everyone loves watching Movies and TV shows in our free time nowadays, and for that, a lot of streaming services have come up to serve users with entertainment. It’s actually astonishing to see the number of official streaming sites that are running on the Internet nowadays. Now you don’t have to wait for your TV show or Movie to be aired on Television, you can watch them whenever you want without advertisements on these streaming platforms.

ThopTV App for windoiws
ThopTV App for windoiws and Mac

However, the main problem arises when you look at the subscription charges of various streaming services these days. In addition to this, another major problem is the limited content, you won’t find all of your favorite Movies and TV shows on a single streaming platform. As a result, you will have to shell out tons of money and purchase subscriptions of various services in order to catch up with your favorite Movie or TV show.

Fortunately, there are a few unofficial streaming apps available on the Internet that allow you to stream basically any Movie or TV show for free. ThopTV is one of them, it offers streaming of various Movies, TV shows, and TV channels as well. Today, in this article, we’re going to talk about the ThopTV app and how you can install it on your PC.

What Is ThopTV App?

ThopTV is an application designed and developed for android devices, where users can watch their desired Movies, TV shows, and TV channels for free. The content library of the ThopTV app contains a plethora of content that mainly includes, Anime, Cartoons, Movies, TV shows, TV channels, etc. The app has got pretty much everything you need to fulfill your streaming requirements.

If you’re someone who is fond of streaming Movies and TV shows, chances are, you must have come across the ThopTV app since it’s quite popular and trending on the Internet nowadays. ThopTV is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a source to stream their favored Movies and TV shows free of charge. To know more about the Thop TV app, go through the following list of features.

  • Wide Range Of Movies:- ThopTV contains thousands of movies in pretty much every genre such as Romance, Thriller, Action. You can search for your desired movie in the App and start streaming it.
  • Anime and Cartoons:- For all the Anime fans out there, ThopTV boasts a reasonable amount of Anime and Cartoon TV shows that you can watch absolutely free.
  • No Sign up Needed:- Unlike other apps, ThopTV doesn’t require you to sign up or go through the login process in order to start streaming your favorite content.
  • HD Quality Streaming:- Most of the Movies and TV shows, including Anime, that you find in the ThopTV app is available in full HD quality.
  • Live TV Channels:- Apart from on-demand content, users can also stream their favorite TV channels on their devices using the ThopTV app.

Download ThopTV App For Windows

Unfortunately, ThopTV hasn’t been launched for Windows or Mac Users officially as of now. Currently, it’s available only in the form of an android app that you can install and use on your smartphones. The developers might be working on coming up with a PC release in the near future.,

However, as of now, the ThopTV app cannot be installed directly on your PC. But, there is a workaround through which you can isntall the ThopTV app on your PC. Go ahead with the article if you would like to know more about the installation of ThopTV app on Windows or mac.

How To Install ThopTV App On Windows

ThopTV requires an android emualtor to install on your Windows or Mac computers. There are a lot of android emulators available in the market, but for this, we’d recommend using the Nox Player emulator since it’ quite robust and works flawlessly on most computers. Go ahead with the following steps to get started.

  1. Firstly, you need to download the Nox Player android emualtor from the official site on your PC.
  2. Go ahead and open up the emulator files, locate the setup file, and run it as admin to begin.
  3. If prompted, grant the admin permission and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.
  4. The installation might take a couple of minutes depending on the configuration of your PC.
  5. Now launch the android emualtor and wait for the initial setup to be completed before using.
  6. Click on the Google Play Store from the home screen of the emulator to proceed further.
  7. Enter your Google account credentials on the next screen and complete the sign-in process.
  8. Now download the ThopTV Apk file from here and wait for the download to complete.
  9. Locate the Apk file in your “Downloads” folder, drag and drop the apk file in the emualtor window.
  10. That’s all, the app will be installed automatically as soon as you drop the apk file in it.

After the installation process is completed, you will see the ThopTV app on your home screen. Open it up and start streaming your desired content for free.

ThopTV for PC App FAQs

Q:- What are the charges for streaming Movies and TV shows on ThopTV?
A:- None, there are absolutely no charges for using or streaming content in the ThopTV app.

Q:- Can I stream both Movies and live TV channels for free using ThopTV App?
A:- Yes, you can stream pretty much anything that is available in the ThopTV app free of charge.

Q:- When will the PC version of ThopTV come out?
A:- As of now, we have no information regarding the official launch of ThopTV app for PC users. So, for now, you will have to adjust with an android emualtor as mentioned in the above guide.

Q:- Is it safe to stream content on ThopTV?
A:- Yes, there’s nothing to worry about when you’re streaming content in the ThopTV App. it’s completely safe.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about the ThopTV App, and it’s time to put an end to this article. We hope you have got all the information regarding the installation of the ThopTV app on PC. You can follow the above-mentioned guide to install the ThopTV app on both Windows and Mac for free. Go ahead and try out the app, make sure to let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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