Taking Care of Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You may not have any intention of selling your home. Nevertheless, you still want it to have the curb appeal that will make people give it a second look. After all, the aesthetic beauty of a property’s exterior speaks so much about what’s inside.

As a homeowner, you must give your front yard the attention it needs. It adds life to the structure-the welcoming piece of greenery amidst the concrete walls of your home. Its design- or lack thereof- can make or break the look of your property. From finding a landscaping contractor in Layton to providing it with the proper lighting at nighttime, there are multiple ways on how you can beautify the area.

The best way to know if you need to improve the look of your front yard is to view it from a stranger’s perspective. Look at it from a distance. Ask yourself if it appears too dark at night if the shrubs need trimming if the mailbox matches the architectural style of your house. Then, look at it as the homeowner. Since it’s the first view you’ll see upon coming home; it should exude a kind of beauty that will lighten your spirit after a tiring day. It should feel like you are being welcomed home.

To help you out, here are some questions to help you improve the curb appeal of your home:

  1. Is the pathway passable?

Always think of safety. Make your family and friends feel welcomed by having an even and well-lit pathway. The way to your front door should be clear, even for first-time visitors to your home. Constantly check if the path has jagged areas, and if there are overgrown plants that will make it difficult for people to pass through. You may also add some landscape lighting to highlight the pathway and create a magazine-worthy ambiance.

  1. Are your house numbers clear and stylish?

House numbers are not just for show; they are functional; therefore, they should be readable. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stylish. First, think of visibility. House numbers can make it easier for your friends, couriers, and service professionals to find your home. Second, be cohesive. Choose a material that works well with your home’s architectural theme. If you have a textured wall like a red-brick surface, white numbers on a black plaque will create a contrast that is both clear and stylish. You can DIY or have it done by a professional.

  1. Does your wall need repainting?

An instant way to refresh the look of your home is by having it repainted. Before you start purchasing paint similar to Pantone’s color of the year, consult the color list of your Homeowners’ Association. For certainty, hire a designer or contractor who can assist you when it comes to choosing a color combination for the exterior elements of your home.

  1. Do you have a manicured garden?

A garden that needs trimming can make a house look messy. If you think your yard is unsalvageable and needs a total redo, you may contact a landscape designer. Ask your landscape designer to use plants specifically meant for the region you’re in. Make your garden look like it’s one with the property, do not be afraid to try the designer’s suggestion when it comes to ways on how your garden can complement and supplement the beauty of your home.

Providing your house with a proper curb appeal can make you feel proud as a homeowner. It will make your family enjoy the feeling of coming home.

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