Stanton STR8150 High Torque Direct Drive DJ Turntable

It is worth to mention that there are slow but steady moves in the turntables world, and the fact is that turntables live longer than all DJs. Also, many manufacturers still widely imitate Technics products, and there are good reasons for that. I imagine that you want something sexy looking, with a record being smoothly turned without major problems with a motor. Here we got Stanton STR8150, and you will know why it is among the best DJ turntables available.

Basic informations

Stanton decides to put everything to re-engineering and to go back to core basics of the turntable design. This one has all those things and components that professional needs. That is the main reason why the tone arm is constructed first with an accent on a high-quality performance. There is also an enormous durability here and minimized feedback. The platter itself is very stable.

For a cheaper record player, this product got many outstanding traits. It this case new design doesn’t damage the raw quality of the old inventions for a turntable. Stanton STR8150 is, by many opinions the best DJ turntable just because if you are a Traktor Scratch kind of a user you will surely like this record player a lot. You will also admire its torque, and there is no doubt that line-level and preamp also have flawless functions.


  • Torque Motor (Strongest in the world, 4.5 Kg-cm )
  • Fine Steel Construction
  • Stable Tone Arm nd Platter
  • Digital Output
  • Key Correction
  • Reverse Play
  • 3 speeds
  • Quartz Lock
  • Durable


  • Super heavy

Benefits of the Stanton STR8150 High Torque Direct Drive DJ Turntable

Pitch lock

Right above the important pitch control, there is a button that digitally locks it to be able to stop working of the fader of the pitch. The torque is fine enough for constant adjustments from whatever setting of the fader. That means back in the simpler way to 0% with the usage of the button more that the pitch fader.

Adaptive pitch range

You can always adjust the range of the fader works, for example from +/-7% (like Technics) to some +/-20%. And, you can use that because of the beat matching to a maximum of +/-50%, and that is truly great fun! Also, the whole deck, the deck light that is detachable is the only cheaper part.

Key lock, cool reverse

This is not only fine for key mixing because it is even better for cheating in case that you hold together some beat mixes. That’s because it is more difficult to notice some subtle pitch variations during nudging tracks, and that addition is so cunning move. It for real does everything so fast because of the high-quality torque motor.

Good speed controls (Start/brake)

The main alteration of the speed is with the two fine adjusters, with them the record player speeds up and then stops with the putting pressure on the start/stop. There is a digital out, coaxial plugged in straight to the digital recording equipment, that is SPDIF. These controls are truly above average ones.

Separate motor

The great thing about the original and basic design of the Technics is slow slowing down of the record to zero, during the record player itself is turned off. That is great for changing sets or genres. With digital one that is not possible, and because of that particular reason, Stanton takes great credit for secure record players it creates.

Not only a switchable line, but also a switchable ground

Record player mostly has an unamplified output, or in other words phono, and that needs clearly a pre-amp. With Stanton, that is not the case and you can get a secure line out types of recording. Plug that is 3-wired is also a good trait because it prevents buzz, without the urgency of the separate ground.


This turntable was recommended by many very known DJs of the past and it is clear that it place resides among the best DJ turntables on the market. You will not be disappointed at all with a Stanton STR8150 High Torque Direct Drive DJ Turntable, and I highly recommend this high-quality record player.

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