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How to Download Paid Android Apps For Free

The Android is the no.1 mobile operating system till today and it is progressing day by day. The Android has already covered the 25 percents users of the total mobile users all over the world and almost 8,50,000 Android devices are activated daily. It is the wide variety of apps and games availability there, which makes the Android the no.1 We can download the apps and games for our Android based devices from the Android Market. The Android Market has both the paid and best free apps to use. The free apps some of cons in them. Firstly you do not get the full features in the free apps or games and secondly the annoying Ads keep coming during the app or game play. The paid apps give you access to all the features. But the problem is that you need to pay money for it. The price of any paid app is mentioned on the Android Market.

But now you do not have to worry about it, because we have found a way by which you can download the paid apps without paying even a single buck. You can enjoy all the features of the paid apps free of cost and can enhance your Android experience.

So here you go with the trick.

How to Download Paid Android Apps free

  • First of all go to the Android Market and search for the paid app, you want to have in your Android Device.
  • Now note down the name of the paid Android app or game.
  • Now start your computer and point to the Google Search on your desktop browser.
  • In the Google search bar, type the name of the app and then make a space and then write mediafire.
  • For example suppose the name of the paid app is Raging Thunder that you want to have in your Android device, then do a search by typing “Raging Thunder Mediafire” ( without  the quotes of course).
  • You can also search by typing the word Apktop after the name of the paid app. In this case it will become “Raging Thunder Apktop” (with out the quotes again)
  • Now do the Google search and you will get the mediafire page link on the first page of the search results.
  • Just open the page and there you will find the download link easily. Just click that download link to start downloading the Android app to your desktop.

Installing The app on Your Device

  • Just simply transfer the downloaded file to your Android device by making use of the data cable or card reader.
  • Locate the file in your Android by making use of Astro File explorer or any file explorer you are using on your Android.
  • Browse the file  and there will be install app option there. Just click the option and you will get the app installed on your device.
  • So now you can access that file, with full features.

Also this method is not recommended as well, because the app or game developer do hard work for creating the apps and we must support the developer’s good work by paying small amount to use that app or game. Also the apps downloaded from the Mediafire links may have the malware or virus, because you are not getting them from the contributor’s site. The apps are uploaded on the Mediafire by third parties and it is also possible that the person has uploaded the app to send a virus to your Android device. So please try this only at your own risk.

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