How to change location on your iPhone and iOS with simplest steps

Must to mention the GPS is one amongst the best technologies in present. It values a great deal once it involves navigation, travelling, and more. However, things modified once some new and in style geo-location-based geological dating Apps and games came up, like Pokemon Go, Wizard Unite, Yubo, Brightkite, etc, and typically, it’s an honest plan to grasp additional native friends beforehand before you progress to a brand new place. Always, you’ll want a pretend GPS location spoofer to create it.

Some individuals could tell you it’ll be a tough factor to iOS GPS spoofing, particularly on the iPhone and iPad. You must apprehend an honest toolkit, 0.5 the work doubly the impact.

Let’s drive right in, a way to use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) for location spoofing.

Directly transfer Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your pc and complete the installation.

Start Dr. Fone

Choose virtual location feature

Now, you may notice your current geo-location within the map window. The ‘Center On’ icon is for you to refresh and update the displayed position to your correct GPS location, the icon is within the bottom right corner of the window.

gps location to use the ‘teleport mode’, please click on the third icon within the right higher corner of the window. Then you’ll kind in your target address within the search blank within the left higher field, afterward click the button ‘Go’. (For your reference, we are going to take Rome in Italian Republic because the example)

Teleport mode

After the system show your target address – Rome during this time, within the pop-up window, click the ‘Move Here’ to method.

Teleport to chosen location

Now, you’ll notice your address has been situated and stuck at Rome, Italy. In spite of you walk to a different place or update the GPS location in your iPhone and iPad, the situated address won’t be modified. you’ll check it in your iPhone or iPad.

Part two: 2 spots to simulate movement on a route

These steps square measure for you to pretend GPS routes between two default spots.

This time you would like to click the first icon within the higher right corner, that is that the ‘one-stop mode’. Then, choose the destination spot within the map, you’ll notice the particular distance within the pop-up window.

In the bottom of the interface, attempt to drag the slider to pick out the appropriate speed for this route. During this case, let’s set the sport speed as example. Click on ‘Move here’ button in this pop-up window.

Set walking speed

A window can seem to raise you to enter variety of what number times you want to run back and forth between these two spots. Click the ‘March’ button to start the pretend movement on the route.

Simulate movement in one-stop mode

You can check the situation your iPhone tracked, it moves on the route you set at your expected speed.


Dr.Fone virtual location is the best application for spoof your location on your iOS or iPhone devices.

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