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4 Business Benefits to Switching to the Cloud

Over the last few years it is one technology that has really come into its own. Sure, cloud computing isn’t for everyone, but for some businesses it has certainly been a game changer.

It is a market that is only going one way as well. With some investment firms, like C5 Capital, Created by industry expert Andre Pienaar, Now specifically targeting these types of cloud companies, it highlights just how huge the industry is becoming.

Through today’s post, we will now take a look at some of the main benefits that cloud computing brings to businesses who opt to go down this route.

It’s Something that’s Completely Scalable:

There’s no doubt that one of the primary advantages to cloud computing comes from the scale-factor.

Several years ago, businesses may have had to invest hefty sums of money into their servers, before shelling out again if their needs changed. Let’s not forget that this could work both ways; whether they were growing or shrinking in size.

Thanks to the cloud, scalability arrives at the touch of a button. For those businesses that are thriving, bandwidth and capacity can easily be increased. For those that might be stuttering, it’s easy to save costs and scale back their cloud services. Ultimately, this flexibility can be hugely advantageous

The CapEx and OpEx Factors:

Following on from the previous point, another important issue is just how the cloud is paid for. Again, if we were to turn back the clock, companies had to flood their CapEx with expensive servers.

Now that the cloud has arrived, these costs have suddenly been converted into operating expenses. Sure, money is still paid out, but businesses are finding regular payments much more manageable as opposed to the huge, lump-sum capital investments that used to be the norm.

There are other Cost Benefits as well…

We have just spoken about how servers are now paid for, but let’s dive into the costs of the cloud in a little more detail.

If you were a company that had bought and housed all of your own server equipment, there was more to the operating expenses than met the eye. It wasn’t just the initial cost of buying equipment, but the energy expenses and the building space that hosted these servers certainly didn’t come cheap. In relation to the former, let’s not forget that some huge companies are moving their servers to cold countries – Just so they can save on cooling costs. This should highlight exactly how costly the server business can get.

It’s More Secure:

As we all know, internet security is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. Some really significant data breaches mean that companies are more aware than ever before about their responsibilities in this regard.

Now, if a device is stolen, it doesn’t result in the loss of data. Or, it doesn’t mean that a user’s data is at risk. All it means is that it can be successfully managed in the cloud; so that it can be moved around as you please and subsequently be a lot more secure.

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