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3 Major Developments In Mobile App Tech

Mobile app technologies are consistently advancing; business owners and innovators are often on the search for expert developers to bring their app or idea up to speed with the latest design trends, as well as user patterns and preferences. Presently, apps are evolving at great speed, and what was popular even a year or two ago can quickly go out of style, so if you’re considering having an app developed sometime soon, keep the following three trends on your radar.

Flat Design 

App users today value an interface that is uncluttered, easy to read, easily adjustable and that loads quickly. The simplest way to offer this is by providing a minimalist, two-dimensional design that is inspired by the app’s function over the designer’s imagination. Typically, with this interface, a developer will choose bold colours but steer clear of integrating too many shadows; they focus on simplicity which is something users crave from a digital world that can at times overwhelm them. Guaraná Technologies is one app developer that focuses on creating an elegant system for all their clients; apps like Carbon, Evenflow and Raden have benefitted from this company’s expertise in flat design. 

flat design

The Integrated Shopping Experience

The way consumers make purchases has been constantly evolving since the emergence of online shopping, and buyers nowadays do their research and shop using several channels. For retailers to get a prospective customer’s attention, they need to utilize multiple marketing methods from online to mobile to in-store efforts. A mobile app can be used as a tool to create conversions as it allows a business to inform and communicate with users more directly. The Selfycart app is just one way developers have integrated the shopping experience, enabling consumers to scan bar codes at the grocery store themselves and pay through credit card using their phones so they can skip long lines.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are some of the latest trends in app development; simply look at the popularity of Pokémon Go – which allows users to interact both with their immediate surroundings in the real world while at the same time being immersed in the adventure of the game. Apps that augment reality can also be used for more practical purposes, improving one’s experience of their environment. The Numnu app for example allows those who love cuisine to discover food festivals and events happening around them at any given moment – keeping them in the loop with their interests.

The emergence of sophisticated mobile apps has awarded businesses with profound opportunities and avenues for connecting with their target market. It is especially relevant today, as most consumers do carry a phone in their pocket and interact with content faster through apps than they would by browsing using their computers. By catering to users and creating apps they enjoy interacting with, the potential for revenue and engagement increases tenfold. By taking advantage of the latest developments, and working with a strong and competent Mobile app development companies, you could launch the next best app in no time.

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