10 Non-American Music Artists You Need To Start Listening To Right Now

Music is always about variety. If you are a genuine music lover, you might be listening to different types of music from different genres by downloading them for free from the Pirate Bay.

Are you bored now just by listening to the same music of all those American singers?

Are you looking for some fresh and different music pieces?

Here are some non-American suggestions for you.

Non-American Music Artists You Need To Start Listening To Right Now

Here, we will talk about some non-American music artists you need to start listening to. They are from different parts of the globe and currency rocking the music industry with their amazing voice and musical talent.

Let’s check them out!


This Algerian songwriter and singer sings particularly in the traditional genre of raï. It is all about Algerian folk, along with some influences from Arabic, African, Spanish, and French music. We all liked the infectious football world cup anthem of Shakira, right? Then you will also love Khaled.


The Turkish pop star is definitely worth a listen, and after one listen, you will be bound to listen to his stunning work. He might sing in Turkish, but his worldly production values and sweeping vocals are enough to make you dance.

Have you heard the song of the summer contender “Lean On?” MØ is the void behind that. This Danish songwriter and singer are able to stand out with her haunting vocals under the rock of that amazing song.

Troye Sivan

This multi-talented young Australian boy is also a singer and songwriter apart from being a YouTuber and an impressive actor. You should listen to his recent EP Wild, which can be considered as the male version of the song “1989” by Taylor Swift.


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, is a songwriter and also a performing artist from Africa. He is indeed a huge start in Africa. We love to call him modern-day Akon, as he rap-sings over siq beats. We can bet you he is more than worth a solid listen.


If you are looking for some bright, sunny vocals equipped with top-notch production values, Yuna is the perfect artist to listen to you. This Malaysian singer-songwriter can really bring a little more sunshine to your day. You can start with “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian pop star. For the introduction, we will ask you to remember Janelle Monae and now add some more Afro-tinged; right now, you get this talented pop singer. However, she is a little weird, of course, in a groovy way and a lot more catchy; we can guarantee that you have never heard anyone like her.


Do you like disco-rock-electronica? Hell yeah!!!

This French electronic duo is making electronic music so damn right. Aren’t you looking for the perfect workout playlist? Add them now. Whether it is the anthemic “Civilization,” or “D.A.N.C.E.” influenced by Michael Jackson, Justice will justice all of that.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

This Mexican acoustic guitar duo is just insanely talented. They have even performed in the White House with our favorite Beyonce for President Obama. Most of their work is purely instrumental, but do not let the absence of vocals deter you from listening to the extremely talented and amazing duo.


This British pop star is rocking the world as a singer of an all-girl music group named “Girls Aloud.” If you are looking for some pure Britpop perfection, you are going to love her work. Before dropping her firing single, she also judged the UK’s The X factor.

To Conclude…

Start listening to some of the popular from these talented non-American artists. We have made this list for all types of music lovers. So we hope you will like the suggestions. If you have your personal favorite, please share with us; our readers will love to listen to them as well.

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