How To Make Your Website Really Customer-Friendly

Having a new website is the coolest thing you might happen to experience if you are a fresh new entrepreneur. Actually, we all know that the importance of having a website is today really big. A website helps you in the business market you are dealing with.

A website is the strongest and most important tool you can use in order to reach more numerous customers and visitors. But if you want to make the customers experience within your website really positive and attractive, you have to take care of your website aspect and features.

Services You May Add For Customers

If you are running a company and you are focusing on your website as a tool to get in touch to customers, then your goal should be only one: make your website customer-friendly. How can you do this? There’s nothing too complicated: first off, think about what customers might need or look in your website. You will surely see that most customers are in seek of additional information for your services / products and they possibly are looking for someone to reply to their questions.

So, at this point, you got it! You need a call tracking system to offer customers a 24/7 customer service that you can directly monitor and check in order to improve as you go.

A Call Tracking Tool For Your Business   

Is it really so important a call tracking software for your business? surely, yes, it is. In fact, this particular tool allows you to check and monitor all the activity of your call center’s employees. In this way, you can see if your employees are doing a good job and you can guide them for improvement. In fact, the software records all the calls, so you can listen to them and see what customers want to know, what question they have and how to help them.

Secondly, a call tracking software allows you to see where your customers got your phone number from. Actually, the call tracking software by Addsource can displays a lot of information about callers and call features, such as length, origin…

Steps To Follow To Use Addsource Call Tracking System

The system of call tracking by v is really easy to use and it will turn out to be a top strongest and positive purchase for your business. First off, let’s see how it works.

agent business call1. Buy a virtual local or toll free phone number. The phone number you chose is immediately available for use.

2. Connect your new phone number to your call center service.

3. Advertise your phone number on your website, blog page, social networks profiles… A tip for you: use different numbers for different media sources.

4. Start tracking customers’ calls. Log in to v dashboard, see the stats and listen to calls.

5. From the stats provided by the call tracking software you can easily see which source is leading more customers to you, therefore you can maximize your efforts for your advertising campaigns and cut on expenses for non effective campaigns.

Free Trial Version

As you can see, a call tracking system is really effective for any type of business. In addition, you can try the free trial version of the Addsource call tracking system. This free trial is available for 30 days and it’s immediately usable.

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