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4 Most Useful GPS Apps For Android

Global Positioning system is slowly becoming an important part of our lives. After all, the world is continuously expanding at an unexpected rate. Hence, cities and towns are spreading like never before. There are addition of new roads and streets almost daily in various nook and corners of the world. Hence, if you want to find the easiest of ways for your friend’s home or office, you will indeed make your life easy with satellite based navigation system.

Now, even technologically challenged people do not have to worry even an inch while handling GPS. Therefore, it necessitates you to know some of the enriching and effective GPS based apps for your Android.  Since, it will ease you in discovering any address thus saving your precious time as well.

Following are the 4 Most Useful GPS Apps For Android:-


Most Useful GPS Apps For Android

Being a social GPS application, it navigates in an easy way by equally connecting to other drivers so that you reach your desired location without any problems. As it is installed, the free app arms you with updated traffic information along with road reports. Along with that, you equally get notification about occasional road hazards. It is indeed such an effective tool that it is able to give you enough reasons to use it as your main navigation tool. The app equally assists you with its voice guided as well as turn by turn directions. Hence, it ensures that you reach your destination within time without any chaos and confusions.

GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials

GPS essentials acts as a free tool that facilitates you to navigate and manage waypoints along with doing much more. The app gives you the facility to view information like that of altitude, declination, moon phase, sunrise along with other things.

It is also used as the earth’s magnetic field. The application has many widgets which can be dragged and dropped. GPS essentials is indeed highly useful in long journeys as you have the luxury of sending waypoints to friends (whom you have lost in the way) via email or by using Drop box you can share with them as well.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps stand out to be the best ever GPS application which is there for Android. It comes with loaded features and it can turn your phone into GPS device. It gives you the coveted opportunity of viewing detailed maps, to real photos of roads and streets. Google map stands out to be the perfect source for your navigation needs. It also has voice guided navigation system which is further enhanced by the live traffic updates. Hence, you can reach your destination without facing any sort of issues or problems or asking strangers on the way as well.



It is also a navigation app that is voice guided and it displays 3D cities, landscapes along with street names. The application is synonymous with sophisticated features and it is devoid in other navigation apps. After all, you have the luxury of searching any street or suburb.

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